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Dried Anchoives (100g/pkt)

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Mata Biru Halus

Very small size. Small white flesh. Very high nutritional value. Best for baby food supplement, mix with porridge, snacks, and mix with fried rice. Protein content is 72.1% with high calcium and low fat food. Basically, it does not have big bones, so it is suitable for children to consume. According to the current nutrition analysis, mata biru halus is rich in nutrients and has the characteristics of commercial protein and low fat. It is believe that it does not remove fins and bones and it is a "whole food" with complete nutrition, which is beneficial to the human body to improve immune function and longevity.

Ekor Si Jiang

Small Size Slight Bigger than mata biru halus The fish is small and does not need to be gutted Fried and crispy dried anchovies with a crunchy texture, delicious with nasi lemak, also suitable for stir fry, baby food supplement, porridge mixed food, snacks and fried rice.

Xiao Wen Rou

Slightly bigger than mata biru halus and Ekor Si Jiang. Peeled and headless dried anchovies. Fried and crispy dried anchovies, crunchy texture, delicious to consume with nasi lemak and suitable for sitr fry.

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