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RTE - Seaweed Pure Essence (100ml x 5 packs)

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Pure Essence is drip-extracted from Natural Seaweed Chicken with no additives, preservatives and a single drop of water added. It can help to combat fatigue, improve memory and strengthen the immunity system

It is made of Pure Beacon Chicken Essence, free of antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, and chickens with Halal certification.

Freshly dripped, without dripping water; golden yellow color, absolutely no fishy smell dripping chicken essence.

High protein, high calcium, high amino acid; adults, children, elders, pregnant women and post-operative patients love to drink.

Hot water can be used for drinking. It adopts imported high pressure sterilization technology and can be stored at room temperature.

Exclusively recommended by Beacon Hospital, the chicken essence that hospital patients are drinking.