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Daily Essential

RTE - Seaweed Chicken Pure Essence (80ml x 6 packs)

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RTE - Seaweed Chicken Pure Essence (80ml x 6 packs) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

 1 box (6's x 80ml) Is Deliver Whole West Malaysia 
Select 1 box (6's x 80ml) and increase quantity if 2 boxes above

 2 box (6's x 80ml) Is Deliver To East Malaysia / Singapore 


• Using the All-Natural Beacon Chicken, the Halal-certified chicken which contains no hormones, no antibiotics and no heavy metals.

• Freshly extracted daily, with no additives, preservatives and water added

• High protein, high calcium and high amino acids, suitable for all ages

• Can be stored under room temperature, and consumed directly. 

Seaweed Chicken - the 100% natural, healthier choice of chicken. Rich in essential nutrients and wholesome.

• No antibiotics

• No chemicals

• No hormones

• No heavy metals

• Fed with Specially Formulated Chicken Feed - a special blend of seaweed, moringa leaves, probiotics from Japan, Chinese herbs, protein, trace elements and vitamins.

✅ Ingredients: 

Beacon Seaweed Chicken, Sea Salt

✅ Nutrition Information


✅ Storage Method:

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 

♨️Water Heating Method:

1. Place Pure Essence sachet into a thermo cup. 

2. Pour in hot water and soak for 3 - 5 minutes. 

3. After heating, open the sachet and Pure Essence is ready for consumption. 


● Do not microwave the sachet. 

● Do not consume if the sachet is swollen or contain unpleasant smell. 

● Consumer who are suffering from gout, maple syrup urine disease, or taking medication should consult healthcare professional before drinking. 

✅ Quality Certification:


• MeSTI 

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