We Produce Natural Healthier Chickens, Rich in Essential Nutrients and Wholesome

At Beacon Chicken, we understand the value of good nutrition and natural food. At our farms, we feed our chickens with Beacon's Specially Formulated Quality Feed. This special feed provides the optimal nutrition needed to produce the high quality meat and chicken products that are rich in nutrients and other bioactive components, including:-

  • Rich in the 9 essential proteins - required for maintaining a healthy metabolism, growth, development, repair and renewal of the human body.
  • Rich in vitamins (vitamin A, B12, C, E and K) and minerals (iodine, zinc, sodium, calcium and magnesium) that come from the chicken’s diet rich in seaweed. These nutrients may potentially boost metabolism, immunity, as source of fiber and protective antioxidant, as well as maintains the health of our heart and blood vessels.
  • Less cholesterol and saturated fat. The special blend of Specially Formulated Quality Feed in the chicken’s diet provides the bioactive components that helps the chickens in weight management, lowering serum cholesterol, raising healthy lipids, supplying antioxidants, thus acting together to produce the natural healthier choice of chicken meat and products.


A. Benefits of the Specially Formulated Quality Feed

Beacon Chicken's Specially Formulated Quality Feed is the key breakthrough in farming that makes Beacon Chicken your healthier choice for nutrition and natural food. The special feed allows our chickens to grow healthily in a natural way without the need for added chemicals or undesirable farming techniques.

The feed contains a healthy combination of seaweed, moringa leaves, mulberry leaves, herbs, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, probiotics from Japan, proteins, trace elements and vitamins, with each ingredient providing unique properties:-

  • Seaweed
    • Diet high in vitamins (vitamin A, B12, C, E and K), trace elements and minerals (iodine, zinc, sodium, calcium and magnesium)
    • May potentially boost metabolism, immunity, a source of fiber and protective antioxidant, and maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels
  • Moringa leaves
    • Contain bioactive components that regulate neurasthenia, improve immunity, soften blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis
    • Rich in calcium and iron, which are essential nutrients for metabolism and the promotion of good health
  • Herbs and Hawthorn
    • Help with weight management
    • Lower the levels of unhealthy lipids
    • Lower serum cholesterol
    • Improve blood pressure
    • Protective effect of antioxidants
  • Chrysanthemum
    • Helps with metabolism, detox and cell renewal
    • Antiviral effect
    • Anti-aging effect
  • Probiotic
    • Ensures a healthy gastrointestinal system
    • Help relieve constipation
  • Optimal protein and vitamin levels
    • Improved nutrition helps in tissue renewal and repair
    • Improved metabolism helps with the removal of toxins
  • Trace minerals 
    • Enhance immunity
    • Maintain healthy appetite

Reference:https://www.webmd,com/diet/health-benefits-seaweed#1 ; https://www.medicinenet,com/probiotics/article.htm


B. Quantum Energy Water

At the Beacon Chicken Farm, we adopt the state-of-the-art natural farming and feeding techniques for our chickens. Quantum Energy Water blends with six herbs (including hawthorn and chrysanthemum), golden seaweed and moringa leaves. The concoction is rich in enzymes and vitamins that boost the health of the chicken.


C. No hormones

At the Beacon Chicken Farm, our chickens are raised naturally without the use of growth hormones. Our Specially Formulated Quality Feed boosts the immunity, metabolism and gastrointestinal system of our chickens and helps our chickens to grow naturally with all the essential nutrients. Each flock of chickens is given time for natural growth, approximately 40 days for Seaweed Chicken and 90 days for Kampung Seaweed Chicken. Our chickens not only “eat well and live well”, we also ensure that they are “matured” before sending them to your kitchen.


D. No antibiotics

At the Beacon Chicken Farm, we do not feed our chickens with antibiotics as our farming methods and Specially Formulated Quality Feed remove the need for any antibiotics. We know that added chemicals, such as antibiotics, will have a negative impact on your health when you consume meat containing these added chemicals. This may range from increased risk of antibiotic resistance and other unintended risks to health. At Beacon Chicken, you do not need to worry about this and can consume our farm fresh chicken with complete peace of mind.

"Most meat animals are raised with the assistance of daily doses of antibiotics. By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause a staggering 10 million deaths a year. We have been feeding chickens, and almost every other meat animal, routine doses of antibiotics on almost every day of their lives. Antibiotics do not create blandness, but they created the conditions that allowed chicken to be bland, allowing us to turn a skittish, active backyard bird into a fast-growing, slow-moving, docile block of protein, as muscle-bound and top-heavy as a bodybuilder in a kids’ cartoon. At this moment, most meat animals, across most of the planet, are raised with the assistance of doses of antibiotics on most days of their lives: 63,151 tons of antibiotics per year", The Guardian News.



E. Beacon Chicken bred in conducive music environment

Yes, you read this right! We let our Beacon Chicken enjoy good music every day! Scientific findings have indicated that chickens listening to the right music can help to improve their living conditions, growth and even produce bigger eggs.


F. Smart Monitoring of Farm Living Conditions and Temperature 24 x 7

At the Beacon Chicken Farm, we have a system in place to monitor our chickens’ temperature constantly. This is important, as whenever the farmer finds out that a chicken registers an abnormal temperature, the chicken needs to be examined and isolated from the rest of the coop. Such temperature abnormality can be an indicator of ill-health or germs causing disease. This modern system provides our farmers a modern farming technique to grow healthy chickens without the need of added chemicals or antibiotics.


G. Ozone Generators to Maximise Hygiene and Infection Control

To maintain a conducive environment at Beacon Chicken Farm, we employ special ozone generators to ensure the best environment for healthy chicken growth. Ozone disinfects and removes odours naturally without needing the use of hazardous disinfectants and chemicals. As a result, our chickens are naturally free from disease, active and have a good appetite to maintain a healthy growth.


Guaranteed to be The Best Chickens from a Natural Farm Food Safe and Free of Artificial Antibiotics and Hormones

At Beacon Chicken, we adopt the natural farming practices and the best food safety practices to give you the best chickens possible.

  • Beacon Chicken’s hygienic food preparation line. All batches of chickens are harvested and packaged accordingly to strict food safety guidelines, eliminating risks of contamination, food hazards and spoilage.
  • Quality assurance and lab certified. For all batches of chickens produced, samples are sent to Independent Labs for quality assurance and testing. Our chickens must meet industry requirements and certified to be free of harmful contaminants and free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and heavy metals.


Is chicken in a fresh market fresher?

Beacon Chicken's Quick-Freezing Packaging Technique combines the best farming practices with the best packaging techniques to give you the freshest chicken possible.

Using Beacon Chicken’s hygienic food preparation line and latest Quick-Freezing Technology, we guarantee the best hygiene and freshness possible. With the technology, food safety risks of prolonged exposure to heat (in science, it is called temperature abuse) are eliminated, and the quick-freezing process maintains optimum meat quality by preventing ice crystallization (a process where the food cells are damaged under normal freezing process), inhibits the growth of bacterial and other harmful food-poisoning germs from environmental contamination, as well as locks in the chicken meat's freshness and nutrition. Therefore, Beacon Chicken delivers chickens in the “freshest” condition according to the fundamental food safety science – optimal food handling and storage conditions.

At Beacon Chicken, we provide the original freshness of our chicken products direct from our farm to your kitchen, giving you the best product assurance and the natural, safer, healthier and freshest choice for you and your family.



Is “Yellowish” Chicken the Best?

There is the urban myth (or misconception) of the “yellowish” of chickens is the best type of free-range or “kampung” chicken. While it is sometimes true that all naturally home-bred chickens can give you the healthy “yellow” and “pink” look, such home-bred chickens are rare in modern food distribution.

In reality, modern food distribution is centralised around farm-bred chickens due to distribution and cost factors. Nonetheless, the consumer demand for “yellowish” chickens persists, and more often than not chicken products are claimed as the “kampung” variety even though in reality it is farm-bred. Unfortunately, due to demand, some resort to use the yellow Aniline dye to make their chicken product look more “yellow”. Imagine consuming a chicken product tainted with Aniline dye commonly used for leather and woodworking?

If you consult chicken farmers, food experts and connoisseurs, you will learn that colours are a direct result of breed, exercise, age, and/or diet. Freshly prepared raw chicken should have a pinkish colour for the meat and white for the fat. You will also find the light-yellow colour on the raw skin.

At Beacon Chicken, we guarantee that no dye is being used in the breeding process. We feed our chicken with feed containing corn that provides the natural zeatin compound that gives Beacon Chicken their natural light yellow skin. Together with the special feed of moringa leaves, seaweed, herbs and nutrients, we provide you and your family with the natural healthier choice of chicken.